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The Wireless Connection - WiFi Networking Solutions & Wireless Solutions in Dubai, UAE | Cyberdome Technologies

The Wireless Connection
by Admin 5 Comments August 26, 2019

The Wireless Connection - WiFi Networking Solutions & Wireless Solutions in Dubai, UAE | Cyberdome Technologies

Fast Wireless Network rates will always be an essential part of business technology. With wireless technology being updated so fast, it’s tough to stay in tune with all the industry news and insights. Cyberdome Technologies is an IT services and infrastructure company having offices in UAE, Dubai and India. Our Core Activities are Infrastructure, Server Solutions, Cloud solutions, Guest Wi-Fi Solutions and managed services. CDT provides secure and reliable IT services and infrastructure management services which dissolve the complexity involved in your infrastructure management needs. Our team of specialists manages the whole of your IT infrastructure, keeps observing it to identify any faults or technical errors and brings pre-emptive actions to ensure that no IT support issues harm your business. You can leave IT to us while you concentrate on other aspects of growing your business.

We offer Assistance Like,
1.Smart cafe Wi-Fi Solution
Your customers have come to expect fast, convenient and reliable Wi-Fi.
– Improve return on investment
– Wi-Fi marketing, Analytics and User Insights
– Constant internet services
– Extremely cost-efficient and scalable
– Consumer database and social media integration
Coffee shops and cafes have become excellent spots for meetings and conversations. The added facility of the internet supports customers to continue their visit for extended hours and frequent visits. Ultimately, customers are satisfied and result in an increased profit of the cafe.
Smart Hospitality Wi-Fi Solution
Build Loyalty by Giving Your Guests Great Wi-Fi
– Role-based access control
– PMS Integration
– M2M Integration
– Threshold based triggers
– Proactive alerts
Offering high quality and reliable Internet access to your guests is crucial now a days. We have the solution to have you worried about your business and not your Internet.
Smart School Wi-Fi Solution
Equip your teaching staff to provide an engaging and productive learning experience for their class.
– Securely onboard staff and student owned devices
– Limit network access
Provide a fast and secure mobile experience anywhere on campus with a wireless LAN platform that has been designed to ensure the highest level of resiliency, seamless mobility, and optimized connectivity.
Staff Accommodation Wi-Fi Solution
When it comes to wireless network infrastructure for Staff Accommodations, the most critical issue customers face is the lack of Onsite IT resources to properly deploy and manage the network. Cyberdome offers Cloud Wi-Fi Solutions which not only offers Centralized Cloud management of Routers, Access Points & Switches but also offers the simplest voucher Wi-Fi with In-depth User Authentication, Authorization & Accounting, user level bandwidth limitation, Data limitation, time limitation with MAC binding on first login. No Need of Onsite IT Administrator. Manage Network from Any Where & Any Time thru Centralized Cloud

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