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Social WiFi solution

Which Sectors can we install this solution? 

       Smart cafe Wi-Fi Solution 

Coffee shops and cafes have become prime spots for meetings and discussions. The added facility of the internet encourages customers to continue their visit for extended hours and frequent visits.

– Increase return on investment

– Wi-Fi marketing, Analytics and User Insights

– Uninterrupted internet services

– Highly cost-efficient and scalable

– Customer database and social media integration

Smart Hospitality Wi-Fi Solution 

Offering high quality and reliable Internet access to your guests is crucial now a days.

– Role-based access control

– PMS Integration

– M2M Integration

– Threshold based triggers

– Proactive alerts


Smart School Wi-Fi Solution 

Provide a fast and secure mobile experience anywhere on campus with a wireless LAN platform that has been designed to ensure the highest level of resiliency, seamless mobility, and optimized connectivity.


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