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Structured Cabling Solutions
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So what is it about the buzzword doing the rounds-“Structured Cabling”?
Well, in simple terms structured cabling can be defined as building or campus cabling infrastructure consisting of a number of standardized smaller elements (structures) also called subsystems. A properly installed structured cabling system ensures delivery of predictable performance and at the same time works like an editable template wherein additions and changes are readily accepted. This is looking forward to future usability.

How does Structured Cabling system look like?

A lot of mess cleaned up. That is how it would look like. A number of data centers use point-to-point methodology when it comes to cabling. This means patch cables running directly to and from the hardware that come under connectivity.
And how is structured cabling/network cabling setup? A structured cabling/network cabling system consists of patch panels and trunks, a series of them that are used to create a structure allowing hardware ports to be connected to a patch panel at the top of the rack. That patch panel is again connected to another patch panel via trunks in the Main Distribution Area (MDA). The MDA is the most integral part of structured cabling/network cabling. All the moves, adds and changes are made in the MDA using short length patch cords.

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